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​Motor core

We mass-produce laminated cores from iron-based amorphous material using press processing, creating the world's first innovation.

It has long been known that amorphous material has a loss that is 1/10 that of electrical steel sheets, which are widely used as motor core materials, and that it can significantly reduce motor losses compared to electrical steel sheets. Ta.


However, due to the material properties of amorphous, it is difficult to manufacture it using the "pressing + lamination" process commonly used for motor cores made of electrical steel sheets. After laminating resin in a block shape, the motor core is shaped by wire cutting. Until now, it had not been widely used as a motor core material because it was limited to methods such as cutting into pieces and was not suitable for mass production.

Our group has overcome the above issues using our own patented technology and completed the world's first mass-producible "amorphous laminated core" production technology.

As a result, we are now on track to mass produce an "amorphous laminated core," which will significantly improve motor efficiency and make the motor smaller and faster.

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