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Members Introduction

Yuki Yamamoto


Representative photo


Joined HILLTOP Co., Ltd. (formerly Yamamoto Seiko Co., Ltd.) in 2006.

    After gaining field experience, he was appointed as the manufacturing manager in 2010.

2013 in California, North America,HILLTOP TechnologyLaboratory, Inc. Established.

        Assumed CEO.

In 2020, he became the managing director of HILLTOP Co., Ltd.

In 2021, he became the representative director and president of ThinkR Co., Ltd.

2022: Appointed as President and Representative Director of HILLTOP Co., Ltd.

2022 HILLTOP Co., Ltd., BIZYME Co., Ltd., Komatsu Seiki Workshop Co., Ltd.

3At the company,Established Next Core Technologies Co., Ltd.

              Appointed representative director.

After the Lehman Shock, we began optimizing our in-house production processes, including streamlining programming.Build an in-house system using CAD/CAM.

At the same time, he led fundamental reforms in organizational structure.

He moved to the United States and started a business with no customers and no affiliated companies, and used his unique marketing method to cultivate customers and build a system.Currently working in Irvine, California, Silicon Valley, and Dallas, Texas.Based in Las Vegas, the company handles prototype development for 1,500 American companies, including those in the space development and entertainment industries.

​ Hirokazu Kanekiyo 



1990: After completing the nuclear reactor engineering department at Kobe University of Mercantile Marine (currently Kobe University Faculty of Maritime Affairs),At Sumitomo Special Metals Co., Ltd.

     Engaged in the development of rare earth magnets/liquid quenched magnetic materials.Involved in mass production of quenched alloy magnet/isotropic rare earth iron nanocomposite magnetic powder "SPRAX".

2007: Became Head of Development Planning Office, Magnetic Materials Research Laboratory, Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

2010: Became Director of Hitachi Metals, Ltd. Material CenterAppointed. Engaged in mass production of raw material alloys for anisotropic rare earth iron sintered magnets.

Joined BIZYME Ltd. in 2013. The following year, in 2014, he became president and representative director and opened Imari Lab. in Imari City, Saga Prefecture.

In 2021, he became the representative director and president of BIZYME Co., Ltd. Became an affiliated company of HILLTOP Co., Ltd.

2022: Appointed as director of Next Core Technologies Co., Ltd.

【Specialized field】

Amorphous/nanocrystalline magnetic materials, rare earth magnets, rare earth recycling, molten metal quenching technology

Takashi Komatsu



After graduating from Tokyo Denki University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Matsumura Laboratory (vibration analysis of end mills) in 1995, studied abroad in Ireland and England. 

1997 University of LondonAdmission to Master of International Business at King's School (MSc in International Business)

1999 Completed Master's degree in International Business from King's University of London (MSc in International Business)

Joined Komatsu Seiki Workshop in 1999. Assigned to the Production Engineering Department.Participated in the STX-21 joint research group and started research on the processing characteristics of ultra-fine grain steel.

SoAfter200For about 5 years from 2013 to 2013 (Germany)National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)Engaged as an outpatient researcher.

2010: Appointed director of Komatsu Seiki Kosakusho Co., Ltd. (currently managing director)

2013: Established nano grains Co., Ltd. and became president and representative director.

In 2016, obtained a doctorate in engineering from Tokyo Denki University (metal/plastic processing/precision processing field). 

2020: Appointed CEO of Rosies Base Co., Ltd. (Boston subsidiary). 

2020: Appointed CEO of Henry Monitor Co., Ltd. 

2022 Next Core Technologies Co., Ltd.Appointed as director.

【Specialized field】

Cutting processing, plastic processing (press processing), metals (crystal size control and influence on processing)

soil analysis,Business Administration, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Starting a Business.

​Takeshi Yamamoto


Graduated from Ryukoku University Faculty of Science and Engineering.
Although he has a liberal arts background, he transferred from university due to his strong desire to explore.
After entering the workforce, he worked as an engineer and honed his technical skills.
In 2015, he joined HILLTOP Co., Ltd. and worked as a development engineer for various FA equipment.
We have a proven track record in a wide variety of projects, including fully automatic tablet inspection equipment, robot control, and image inspection system projects.
In September 2022, he became a director of Next Core Technologies Co., Ltd.

​Fukumura​ Takeichi



2001: Executive Officer, Head of Corporate Planning Office, ASK PLANNING CENTER Co., Ltd. (listed on JQ at the time, interior/display industry)

2003: Mock Co., Ltd. (listed on Tokyo Market at the time, restaurant/wedding industry) Executive Officer, President's Office Manager, President of Investment Subsidiary

2007: Director of President's Office, Mirai Securities Co., Ltd. (Securities Industry)

2008: Executive Officer, FAS Manager, Mirai FP Co., Ltd. (M&A consulting business, Mirai Securities subsidiary)

2013: Tetsujinka Keikaku Co., Ltd. (Listed on East 2, Karaoke business) President's Office Manager, Subsidiary President

2018 Established Daifuku Consulting LLC and became representative employee

2022    Next Core Technologies Co., Ltd.Appointed as director

After completing the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University,She started her working life as a secretary to the founding owner and president of a listed company.

After serving as an officer, president of a subsidiary, general manager of corporate planning, and general manager of the president's office at multiple listed companies, he later became independent.

Since 2018, he has supported management issues as a corporate advisor for HILLTOP Co., Ltd.

​Miyuki Furuya



Joined Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. in 1970. Engaged in small motor design and development.

1978: Seconded to Matsushita Electric, an overseas company in Taiwan.

1988: Seconded to National Micro Motor Co., Ltd., a domestic affiliate of the company. Served as development section manager, technology manager, etc.

In 2002, served as head of the company's home appliance and electrical equipment motor business unit.

In 2004, he became representative director and vice president of Minebea-Matsushita Motor Co., Ltd., a joint venture company.

Joined Minebea Co., Ltd. in 2006. He has served as the head of the rotating equipment development department and the deputy head of the business headquarters.

In 2016, he established MQ Engineering Co., Ltd. and became the representative director.

2022: Appointed as director of Next Core Technologies Co., Ltd.

​Fumihito Iijima

​ Auditor

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